CV Format

The wise and experienced can see through the mask of faking. Therefore, be authentic and honest in your CV.

This CV format when filled up will be a self-written, predictive professional document of one’s potential and current employability based on objective data of one’s past and present. The format is provided in advance so that the applicants must strive to gain at least 3.5+ ratings in all parameters. This is how we communicate your potential and abilities to companies. Therefore, during the 7 month programme, work in such a way that you have a number of positives to fill up your CV that will allow companies to match your candidature with the competencies they seek.

All the campus recruiters so far have appreciated this CV format as excellent, unique and extremely valuable for them to make the right choices for their companies. You will have abundant opportunities at SCMLD to fill up all the spaces in the CV if you sincerely participate in all our learning processes with an intense desire to master them.

Candidates must come prepared to re-engineer themselves this way. You have to acquire the qualities and characteristics that employers look for and entrepreneurs need. No employer will have a customized job for you. You need to customize yourself to the employment/work and its context. You are meant for the world & the world cannot change on your behalf.

We provide the toppers’ scores also against each index. It is to encourage students to invest more efforts so as to surpass the toppers while the toppers themselves strive to retain their position by upgrading themselves even further. This is for healthy competitiveness and to act as a feedback to improve. Companies choose the best fit. Therefore, during your studentship at Sadhana, you must become your best and fit to be employed as executives or to become entrepreneurs.

By this unique CV format the recruiting companies get an X-ray image of the candidate’s competencies and potential as assessed by the institute. Companies take it seriously as these indices are established after 6-7 months of grooming, observation and continuous evaluation based on many behavioural and other parameters, following a nearly 360° evaluation process and many developmental interventions at SCMLD. The process is very transparent and students can challenge each finding (indices). Only thereafter are ratings finalised.

For copy of CV Format – Click here