Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be a universally respected Leadership Gurukulam sculpting principled and inspiring performers and action leaders to build a better world of health, happiness, hygiene, harmony, peace, prosperity and positive relationships.

Our Mission

  • To identify, educate, train and transform young, passionate and determined graduates with the courage of conviction who can make a difference in their own lives and to their wider communities by inculcating leadership habits and infusing human values, professional competencies, entrepreneurial essentials, and action orientation, in addition to imparting knowledge, and to facilitate their transition to enterprises as executives or as entrepreneurs in their own right.
  • To enlighten, educate and train working individuals to enhance competencies and effectiveness and to help them grow in their careers, by working to their best happily, harmoniously, collaboratively and self-inspired regardless of conditions, circumstances, people, places, environments, time or space so that they become architects of their own destiny.
  • To undertake research, consultancy and other services for organisations and to design and deliver customised educational and training solutions and interventions that enhance productivity, build quality, develop competencies, enrich human capital and together make the workplace a mutually rewarding talent & skill collective and thus to serve the community.
  • To offer aptitude assessments, career planning and counselling, other advisory and enabling services to youth, students, parents, and working individuals so as to help them live positive lives of contribution & fulfilment and to succeed in careers without straying from their core ethics & values.
  • To undertake research and offer educational and training support to both men and women, particularly from the weaker strata of society to empower and enable them to leap forward into executive and professional careers or become entrepreneurs who can evolve into inspiring role models and re-generate such leadership.
  • To offer short duration customised educational and training programmes and processes to enable and uplift people both in terms of their personal lives and professional careers.
  • To undertake teachers’ training programmes to enhance their effective capacities in learning facilitation and inculcation of leadership habits & citizenship values and development of positive attitudes and life skills in students and trainees at all levels, besides imparting knowledge and other skills.
  • To develop learning materials, tools and techniques including case studies, audio-visuals & documentaries for enhancing learning outcomes in and for schools, colleges & other institutions and organizations.
  • To establish and administer as many centres as possible in different parts of India- preferably one each in every district offering the above services to as many beneficiaries as possible by engaging or collaborating with like-minded individuals or organizations and social entrepreneurs.