Our Credo

Igniting Motivation:
believes that
Leadership of vision, truth and truthful action
presupposes an inner shift from
Qualification – to – Education
What I can get – to – What I can give
Self-centered success – to – Selfless accomplishments
Teaching and studying – to – Learning and realization
Indifference and inaction – to – Bold initiative & decisive action
Casualness & mediocre approaches – to – An indomitable urge to excel
External examination & certification – to – Self-examination& satisfaction
Employment as mere job & salary – to – A great opportunity to unfold and express oneself
Forced upgradation of quality – to – An unflinching mission to serve by offering the best
Competitive rivalry – to – Support & collaboration for competitiveness
Reward-induced limited motivation – to – Limitless self-motivation
Excuses & escapism – to – Accountability & taking charge
Policed discipline – to – Principle bound self-discipline
Knowing and doing – to – Performing and achieving
I can’t – to – I can
Mere living – to – Living by leaving a legacy
Service & means of life – to – Serving and meaning to life,
When ‘I’ become ‘We’
‘We’ taking responsibility & being responsible
build our world of
Prosperity, peace, harmony, hygiene, health, happiness and relationships around.

‘If the right side fundamentals are the foundation on which business or any human enterprise is built,
excellence, success and fulfillment are assured.’

From the paradigm of ignorance, darkness, stress, anxiety, fear and suffering…

…To the paradigm of enlightened awareness, joyful work, freedom and happiness

Sathyameva Jayathe : Truth alone triumphs.


If the right side aspects of our credo govern the core of a person – whether a student, teacher, householder, professional or entrepreneur – it is certain that his or her offerings, tangible or intangible, and whether as products or services, shall be of very high quality, leaving receivers and customers happy, delighted, and with the experience of an extra-ness of great satisfaction. This spiritual quotient will stretch one’s capacity to its fullest potential – physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, social – and propel one to channel one’s best unconditionally to whatever one does and offers.

This is what produces excellence.

Naturally, the outputs delivered will consistently be of exceptional standards and supreme value. This makes sound business sense. In fact, business objectives, processes, designs and their implementation, while simultaneously nurturing relationships, will become integral to one’s life and work. It is ‘karma yoga’ – sincere and purpose driven action without focusing on self-benefit, but benefit to others. To give is to receive. And giving one’s best is a sure way to receive the best – a great sense of fulfilment and joy.

This is the joyful and spiritual path to earning material prosperity, and the right way for wealth creation and its re-generative distribution.

On this path there is no failure – if one fails, one does so successfully, learning to convert obstacles and past lessons into successes in future. A karma yogi does not give up. Through this approach, work becomes worship and working days become soulful days of contribution and meaning. One gets so fully involved and immersed in work that the work and worker become one. For such a worker, work is nothing but an expression of his or her being.

This is the paradigm shift to leadership in which we believe. In this, the most ordinary of individuals can produce the most extraordinary outcomes. Mere qualifications, grades, contracts, corporate inducements, enticements and enforcements cannot bring out this kind of extraordinariness. Only a profoundly enlightened and ignited self-inspiration can bring excellence in performance – not a finishing line or benchmark prescribed by someone else.

Sadhana strives to make the ordinary extraordinary in this way. We know it is possible. And we have done it and shall continue on this path. It breaks new paths and chooses paths less travelled.

Therefore, the approach to education at Sadhana is towards grooming leaders – self inspired leaders of action, conviction and integrity. The career growth of most of our students and the gratitude of their parents are irrefutable evidence of this. We are privileged to have had such learners who reposed their faith in us as students. Sadhana is looking for real students who are hungry to learn, work and evolve to their greatest potential.

We invite students who believe in our credo and are willing to work towards living up to it – for others looking for mere employment and not self-transformation, Sadhana may prove to be frustrating.

Furthermore, according to us excellence is an outcome of self-rule governed by purpose, principle and truth contextualized to reality. Self-set rules must be more stringent than those set by others in order for one’s passion to be transformed into breakthrough outcomes. Leaders are always self-governed and exemplary in their commitment to a larger purpose. They work with passion and a missionary zeal. And change naturally follows. For external change, internal change is a prerequisite.

However, change is challenging. It is not easy and we will not pretend that our processes are easy or easily acceptable.

Our education and training aim to instil positive changes in students. And so our effort at Sadhana is to help students challenge themselves and to discover and reclaim their inner being – to ignite the dormant perfection that lies within. Students will be kept ‘engaged’ in learning with a number of activities and field centered facilitations – assignments for doing and learning by realisation; exercises with yoga, pranayama; basic service of cleaning the premises; and more.

Life at Sadhana will be a lifetime experience for sincere, serious, dutiful learning enthusiasts who cherish to be themselves and embrace the success of staying out of and away from the crowd.

Becoming a competent professional or entrepreneur of exceptional merit, conscience and contribution presupposes hard work. Wasting time is not an option at Sadhana.

If you are passionate and determined to be in the 1-3% performing population, Sadhana will be a great opportunity. Please join us to participate and learn and to involve yourselves in greater journeys. Passing humdrum exams will not bring you professional success or personal satisfaction. Examination is important as a method and evidence of your having gone through certain processes successfully. However, in the end, attitude, beliefs, action, conduct and behaviour determine the quality and extent of your success.

There will be at Sadhana exams to assess your learning progression, but we do not pass judgments on your potential or label you according to the results. Our exams will not be memory based reproductions of facts and figures – we encourage analysis, continuous evaluation, critical thinking, and processes of constant review. We exercise a variety of tools to evaluate learning – group discussions, debates, ‘each one teach others’, surprise questionnaires, team assignments, and other diverse methods that tap into all your strengths and steadily address your challenges.

If you are prepared for a dynamic and innovative journey and believe in our credo, we welcome you to Sadhana.