Genesis of SCMLD

The article below from the October – November 2004 Business India summarises the serendipitous origin of the Sadhana Centre for Management and Leadership Development (SCMLD). There is, however, more to the story former students placing money at the disposal of their teacher; a friend offering his premises for Sadhana’s use; former colleagues joining work without salaries; teachers volunteering their services for free; three former pupils from Ahmedabad, Kochi, and Chandigarh leaving all else and committing themselves for forty days in Pune to get the institute off the ground; more than 1000 others supporting Sadhana in myriad ways, whether it was with the placement of students of the first batch to sharing inputs and ideas or standing by with help and assistance. These are the facts behind SCMLD’s genesis, which have also been the hallmark of its uniqueness and journey so far. Given these origins, it is but natural that Sadhana is dedicated to the noble emotion, spirit, and energy of those who helped create and nurture it. We work with utmost sincerity and strength of conviction, and both success and failure are met with equal resilience – for us it is the journey that matters.

Article in Business India (25th October – 7th November, 2004.)Business India Article