Students’ Audit Board and Charter

In the interest of absolute transparency and purposefulness, which are Sadhana’s guiding principles, there will always be a Students’ Audit Board with separate committees of its student members:

  • To audit SCMLD’s accounts and to keep it absolutely clean, transparent and in order.
  • To audit the implementation and delivery of promises made in the advertisements, prospectus, website, other communication materials and to ensure that the management fulfill its commitments.
  • To audit the effectiveness of the staff and faculty in implementing / executing all processes vis-a-vis their avowed intent such that they become the custodians of the institute’s values and processes.
  • To audit the processes for internal quality assurance on a continuous basis and to renew processes, contents, and delivery mechanisms as required.
  • To audit the library and other material assets at SCMLD to ensure optimum utilization of resources.

These committees / board can audit the above with terms of reference and guidance from the Founder Director and in case of his absence, the Director of the institute and report the findings to the chairman of the Board Of Governance along with comments of the Founder Director and in his absence, the Director of the institute, with action taken reports.

The audit must be done to improve the system for the good of the institution and all its stake holders. The members of the Students’ Audit Board will be those students who are volunteers from amongst the toppers in the 360 evaluation process inter alia consisting of components like CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average), CCGPA (Co-curricular Cumulative Grade Point Average), PEI (Professional Evaluation Index) and Integrity and Execution indices with no disciplinary actions or any serious deviations in behaviours. If no one comes forward this work cannot be done in its true spirit.

The committee(s) can also take up students’ problems on a day-to-day basis with the Director of the institute and help find solutions, which can become part of the report to the BOG, as well. Audits could be held every trimester. The decision to have this Students’ Board and its functions were discussed and approved by the BOG in the meeting held on 1st September 2006 chaired by Mr. T. N. Seshan. For committees, the Students’ Board may co-opt students who are not members of the Board, in consultation with the Founder Director and in his absence, the Director. Volunteers would do a better job than appointed students. Hence, students have an opportunity to come forward and take up this challenge, and willingly contribute towards institution building. If volunteers are not available, the Founder Director / Director may appoint the Board and / or committees.