Corporate Governance

We follow ‘Gandhian Trusteeship’ as our Governing Principle.

SCMLD began as an unplanned outpouring of the emotions – love, respect and concern – of hundreds of Prof. M.S. Pillai’s former students upon his abrupt separation from their alma mater, SCMHRD which he conceptualised and built for Symbiosis Society. They set up a legal corporate entity in 2004 under the Companies Act to establish, support, finance, parent and nurture SCMLD. However, the company has transferred the parentage of SCMLD to Sadhana Educational & Empowerment Foundation, a Public Charitable Trust and Society w.e.f. 1st April 2006 with all its goodwill and after clearing all its liabilities;

All with one mission

To bring out extraordinary executives – competent and conviction driven action leaders, and values & ethics driven entrepreneurs, who will become assets to business, industry, the country, community and themselves for a better world for all. Since SCMLD owes its origin to that collective emotion, energy and spirit of the former students of Prof. M.S. Pillai we at SCMLD declare that we shall work towards developing a Leadership Gurukulam┬ádefining our gains as follows:

  • Meeting students aspirations by grooming them holistically, whereby they become living ambassadors of Sadhana’s vision and mission and thus grow into responsible, competent and contributing assets to themselves and our wider community.
  • Parents must be happy for their wards seeing them as successful professionals, entrepreneurs and good citizens – loving, caring, kind and compassionate, leading a happy life of commitment, contentment, contribution inspiring others in their wake.
  • Employees must feel secure and grow with the institution. They should feel that the institution is theirs and the students belong to them.
  • Pune citizens should feel proud that SCMLD is in their city.
  • The country should look at this institution as an example of transparent and ethical corporate governance, and the best in action leadership grooming and as a model for educational processes and citizenship development.
  • Former students of Prof. Pillai (SIBM & SCMHRD) must feel proud that SCMLD is the institution of their initiative. Alumni of SCMLD must stay connected, should grow to their full potential, and both should support it by all means for its continual growth .
  • The suppliers and service providers must feel that SCMLD is theirs and are proud to be associated with it perpetually.
  • The community around SCMLD must feel that the institution belongs to them.
  • The financial contributors must feel happy that their contribution is serving its purpose of creating a great institution of human development.
  • At least a small number of the un-served, under-served, the denied and deprived should be empowered and supported to emerge as executive leaders and entrepreneurs who can inspire and support others to break out of their unkind circumstances.

To ensure the above, we will follow Gandhiji’s concept of Trusteeship. We will be working as Trustees of our customers – students, parents, corporate, suppliers, alumni, employees and their families, other partners, the country and the community at large.

We dedicate SCMLD to the above avowed goals. Achieving this is our profit. It is our Journey.

– All of us at SCMLD