Placement Stipulations

Placement will be in the form of a paid internship convertible to regular employment subject to performance


Regular employment as Executive Trainees, both as per individual companies’ organizational policies, preferences, vacancies etc., and competencies of the student.

Eligibility for placement:

  • 90% attendance in each course alongside other components like yoga, meditation, outbound learning trips, class sessions, events, activities and so on. Relaxation of rules may be considered on a case-to-case basis for hospitalization or illness which necessitates medically prescribed rest. Medical certificates issued by any medical practitioner will not be accepted – the institute doctor’s certificate will be needed.
  • No backlogs of any kind including in assignments, submissions etc. as of the campus selection process date. (Backlogs means less than 60% in any subject, test, component, activity including weekly tests.)
  • No misconduct involving moral turpitude, cheating in tests, feigning sickness, lying, fraud, stealing, lack of cleanliness in residential premises or conduct and behaviour unbecoming of a Sadhana student.

However, there is no guarantee of placement. The institute will bring companies and organizations. It is the responsibility of every student to become employable by learning and changing as required. Please note that during the last 10 years SCMLD has facilitated employment (before their passing out of the institute) to 1501 students. Additionally, 47 became entrepreneurs, and 19 went without jobs although they also picked up jobs after leaving Sadhana, assisted by the institute’s placement cell. Only one student is still out of a job. The 19 went without placement had participated in the campus selection process of at least 10-15 companies each. That shows they had not changed as required. That is, opportunity will be made available. Responsibility of getting selected lies with you.