• Academic: Candidates must have a minimum of 60% marks in Classes X, XII and at graduation level, with the ability to converse in, comprehend, and write in English. (Without reasonable English language proficiency, an executive level job will prove difficult.)
  • Attitudinal: Candidates must demonstrate passion, determination and the tenacity to succeed by working hard consistently and persistently without giving up midway. In life and one’s profession, there will be difficulties, challenges, ups & downs, stresses and even failures. One must possess a strong will, and the determination to cope with and overcome such situations. At SCMLD, you will be challenged so that you develop the mettle to face and manage such situations– grumbling, making excuses, issuing accusations, sticking to escapism, feigning sickness, expecting too many holidays or leaves on grounds of family celebrations, obligations, etc. are not acceptable or possible. The acceptance of reality is very important for finding the right path towards success. SCMLD will give as much inputs and facilitation as possible in 7 months in terms of knowledge, skills, positive attitudes and strength & stamina. That opportunity and time has to be utilized for learning. Hence, absenteeism except due to hospitalisation or illness requiring medically prescribed isolation/rest will disqualify students and admission will stand cancelled unless reviewed on a case-to-case basis. At SCMLD there is no spoon-feeding. Adults are to be responsible and to behave as such, taking the initiative to participate, involve oneself, and learn by doing, and assimilating concepts.
  • Values: Candidates must respect and follow the path of honesty, ethics and universal human values including age-old Indian family values of respecting experience and wisdom. They must work in and adapt fast to organisation ethos, accepting the necessary qualities while staying principled and preserving good character and high integrity. Collaboration, citizenship values, truth, integrity, and good conduct are non-negotiable at SCMLD. Please appreciate the fact that you are being trained to become a leader, not to get by as an ordinary person.
  • Economic (For the 20 students from economically weaker strata): Family income should not be above Rs. 2 lakh per annum.

Note on Eligibility: Applicant students must be clear that the programme is in ‘POST GRADUATE PROGRAMME  IN BUSINESS & EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP’. It should not be considered a stepping-stone to mere employment. Sadhana’s is a leadership programme wherein one will be groomed to start one’s career as an executive/paid intern. From there you must grow to become a CEO/entrepreneur through sheer performance, dedication, devotion, loyalty to the organisation, integrity, honesty and hard work. Shortcuts will not make one a leader. It is a journey from average/ordinary to becoming extraordinary. Each student admitted to this programme should emerge as an inspiration to others including their families. Hence it is important to note SCMLD’s expectations in terms of attitudes, values, conduct and behaviour in advance to enable applicants to choose to apply/join themselves and, having joined, meet those expectations and to complete the programme successfully.

Maximum Intake: 60

20 seats are reserved for students from economically weaker strata free of cost.
40 seats are on fee basis for self-inspired lady students from the affordable strata.

For details regarding selection process, click here.