Evaluation and Certification

The evaluation of learning will be on a week to week basis, covering inputs, exposure, behaviour, conduct and so on from the previous seven days. The passing standard is 60% in each subject / course, assignment, and component. Any backlogs in any subject / component in a weekly test must be cleared before the next weekly test.

This continuous evaluation will be for 60% of the total syllabus of the subject / component. End of term exams will only be for the remaining 40% portion of the syllabus.

Evaluation maybe by quizzes, extempore presentations, open space tools, teaching a group of students, team assignments & viva-voce (wherein the lowest score amongst all the team members will be the score of all the team members), surprise tests, assignments of doing and showing results, group discussions and so on. No plain memory testing.

There are also bonus marks for voluntary ‘enhanced’ reading assignments, attendance above 90%, excellent performance in yoga, pranayama, self-defence training, library study, and so on. These are for the academic part.

In addition to the above, evaluation is done separately for integrity & authenticity, action orientation & initiatives, commitments & deadlines, interpersonal & team work, community work, networking & social skills, earning while learning assignments, quality and creativity in personal portfolios, dress & personal grooming, cleanliness of hostel premises & rooms, co-curricular activities, etc. Evaluation is comprehensive and integrated for the Leadership Programme.

As stated before, one has to score 60% or above in each test and subject or component, and naturally in aggregate as well. The academic plus all the above combined will determine the ‘Leadership Index’. Those who score 60% or above in each subject, in each test and in each other component and thus obtain a CGPA of 3 out of 5 will be awarded the passing certificate in ‘Holistic Work Leadership’.

Sadhana Fellowship:

However, for conferment of the ‘Sadhana Fellows’ distinction by our Board Of Governance, the student should have demonstrated exemplary character, supreme integrity, compassion, concern, a serving motivation, spirit of sacrifice, principle-centeredness, conscientiousness, an extraordinary sense of responsibility, loyalty, citizenship, initiative and action-orientation in alignment with humility, gratitude, frugality, simplicity and transparency. These Universal Truths are all associated with the Inner Being and its awakened and purposeful external expressions by way of rational thoughts, conduct, behaviour, feelings for others and the work which one chooses. Sadhana Fellows have to be ‘EXEMPLARY’ in all that Sadhana represents.

The detailed terms & conditions of evaluation, certification, conferment of the Sadhana Fellowship etc. will be communicated on admission of the student.

There are also opportunities for re-valuation, supply of photocopies of answer sheets, display of answer sheets of the toppers in the library etc.

Why this continuous, comprehensive and integrated evaluation system week to week?

SCMLD’s Programmes are for Action / Performance Leadership, not only for digesting someone else’s writings or understanding from books and other sources like Google, hearsay etc. reproduced as answers to questions in exam papers- in other words, ‘Informational Knowing’ which will be lost as soon as exams are over.

SCMLD believes that Knowing is not equal to Doing, nor Doing equal to Performing. Furthermore, Performance is not Excellence, and Excellence has no finishing line. For work readiness and being ready to deliver work in terms of purpose and in the expected quality & quantity, one requires appropriate knowledge, skills, attitude, aptitude, health – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social – healthy habits, integrity, initiative, enthusiasm, energy, drive, focus and the time, place, person and purpose orientation, cost, quality, customer concerns and so on. Hence our comprehensive evaluation system and processes in a system that is very transparent. Generally, what is not measured may not be delivered – hence measurement of all of the above and a corresponding certification that is not for a paper qualification.