Initiative in Women Empowerment: The 7-month full time ‘Post Graduate Programme in Business & Executive Leadership’

Initiation and Induction (First 15 days) – Self-Awareness and Discovering Oneself :

Aspects of Money, Wealth, Health, Happiness, Harmony, Peace, Relationships, Family, Friends, Country, Community, Meaning, Fulfilment and Means of Life; Expectations, Responsibilities, Roles, Duties, Positives, Negatives, Values, Ethics, Disvalues, Divinity, Gratitude etc. and how it impacts one’s life and work will be Clarified and Purpose finding and Goal setting will be facilitated so that each student do her short term and long term life planning during the first 10-15 days itself as each sees her life from this point of time. Entrepreneurship and Employment are the means as well as Meaning making pursuits as one discovers and decides. Importance of work, continuous learning & evolvement, clean & green environment, citizenship values and as to how one becomes an asset or liability based on physical health, energy & drive, emotional connectedness, mental and intellectual focus, and spiritual centredness etc. will also be part of this initiation/ induction process. In short, this initiation process will attempt to detoxify the minds and re-engineer it, so that the students become aware of certain universal truths and become free from the burdensome past.

Students will be helped to be clear on the what, why, how, how much, whom, who, where, when- aspects of life, living and working;

During the next three trimesters:

The focus will be on building awareness of material realities, understanding the fundamentals of business, the skills to execute things, and shaping attitudes to learn, adapt and deliver WORK to produce outcomes as required. The inputs and processes will cover the following;

Business & Entrepreneurship Essentials (Basic & Introductory):
  • Personal, Professional & Functional Aspects
  • Business Environment & Economics (Macro)
  • Money, Market, Men, Materials & Technology
  • Legal Aspects: Business, Commercial, Labour, Technical & Social
  • Taxation: Goods & Services, Corporate, Professional & Personal
  • Knowing My Country: India Information Literacy & Awareness
  • Cost-Benefit & Risk-Reward Analysis
  • Defining Success, Being Conscientious & Getting There
  • Making it happen (Team Assignments of completing all the work for setting up a business entity incorporating all the above and beyond.)
Work & Holistic Work Leadership (Career Growth by Work Excellence):
  • Workplace Ethics, Commitment & Deliverables
  • Ownership, Agility & Organizational Allegiance
  • Safety, Security & Crisis / Emergency Handling
  • First Aid, Resuscitation & Rescue (basics)
  • Diversity, Gender Sensitivity & Compliances
  • Excellence In / At Work – the Universal Truths
  • Relationship Building, Team Skills & Collaborativeness
  • Working Hard Being Happy & Stress Free
  • Freedom by Performance & Contribution
Self-Mastery & Personal Effectiveness:
  • Leadership Habits, Health & Time Management
  • Self Defence, Self-Control and Social & Cultural Etiquettes
  • Thinking Skills: System, Creative, Critical & Design
  • Chess Board, Theatre Practice & Drawing Expressions
  • English Language Skills – Written & Oral
  • Communication, Presentation & Public Speaking
  • Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Skills
  • Logical, Analytical & Intuitive Reasoning
  • Taking Charge, Being Responsible & Staying Positive
  • Personal Brand Building for Success & Growth
Quantitative & Statistical Techniques:
  • Basic Statistical & Quantitative Techniques
  • Data Analysis & Insights Development
  • IT Applications (MS Office & Excel)
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Project Management Techniques & Processes
  • Quality Systems: Techniques & Processes
  • Management Accounting & Financial Management
Functional Basics & Fundamentals:
  • Market Research, Marketing & Sales
  • E-commerce & E-Marketing
  • Production & Manufacturing
  • Material, Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Cost, Price, Productivity & Profits
  • Accounting & Financial Reporting
  • Human Resource Management – Acquisition to Performance
  • Personnel Administration & Compliances
  • Documentation, Record keeping, & Office Management
  • Internet & Social Media Vs. Professional Effectiveness
  • Applied aspects of Marketing, Finance, HR, and Manufacturing & Operations: Field Assignments to do, see, observe, feel, touch, explore, realize, discuss, debate and report (writing).
  • Best practices Survey: HR, Manufacturing & Operations, and Marketing etc.
General Self Learning Assignments, Trips, Each One Teach Others etc.:
  • Out bounds: Village, Agri fields, Orphanage, Hospitals, Factories, Public System Arenas, Municipal Schools, Colleges, Old Age Homes, Cemeteries & Cremation Sites, Government Offices etc.
  • Biography Review & Entrepreneur’s Story
  • Trusteeship & Organizational Governance
  • Servant & Inspirational Leadership Pathway
  • Social Responsibility & Business
  • Organizing Events by Sponsorship
  • Strategy and Tactics: The Chanakya Niti & Sutras
Final Business Plan Creation:
  • For raising Finance for a business in Retail, Real Estate, Insurance, Banking, Mutual Fund, Micro Finance, Education & Training, Logistics, Event Management, Manufacturing, Agri & Agro Products, Health Care or Entertainment as per the choice of each student. It should be a Bank / VC acceptable plan.
Personal Portfolio & Biography Creation.
Vipassana, Art Of Living, SSY (Sidha Samadhi Yoga) etc.

The above are the envisaged inputs during the 7 months you will spend at Sadhana. Delivery will be progressively organised through three trimesters. The inputs may be changed by addition, deletion, modification, or alteration depending on the changes in the employment/entrepreneurial environment, students’ behavior vis-a-vis employability requirements and so on. Except for the specialization subjects in trimester III, all subjects, topics, assignments, field studies and visits etc. are common and nothing is optional. Evaluation of learning will be on a week-to-week basis. The methodology of assessment and its tools may be different for different subjects. It will be comprehensive and continuous. No backlogs are allowed in weekly tests. That is, backlogs if any are to be cleared by re-test before the next weekly evaluation.

To cover all the above students will be engaged in learning processes for at least 12 hours a day with sufficient time for organised rest and relaxation. Wasting time in unproductive distractions and things will not be possible or acceptable. Learning facilitation will be by way of research, study, discussion, debate, experimentation, exploration, observation, and challenging beliefs, attitudes and assumptions to bring out the multiple intelligence, natural intuition, common-sense and the creative, critical and analytical thinking of the students. Beliefs, assumptions and attitudes may not be based on truths. Hence, it needs to be critically evaluated before decisions are made based on those.

Classroom sessions will be for conceptual clarity, discussion, debates, learning from others and so on. Facilitation for applied insights and assimilation will be by making them do, organize, see, feel, experiment, explore and realize, being in the field or otherwise.

Specialization Areas: Trimester III (With emphasis on Skills)
  • Sales & Marketing (Specific to Banking, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Consumer products, Retail, Real Estate and so on customized to student’s interest and potential.)
  • Human Resource Administration & Management
  • Manufacturing & Operations (Only for Engineers)
  • Entrepreneurship (For those who opt to be entrepreneurs)

All the above are to help students transit from being students to becoming executives in business organizations or entrepreneurs in their own right. Being extraordinary at work, at the workplace, fulfilling commitments, and learning & improving continually on their own, they should evolve to be CEOs at the earliest. For those who want to be entrepreneurs, the effort would be to initiate them to start and take off. Facilitation is the responsibility of the institute. Learning is that of each student. An open mind is essential to learn.

In short, the approach is to re-engineer minds for positive attitudes, impart basic knowledge and to develop skills for the work at the starting rung of the function, with reasonable awareness of the whole function at a conceptual level; Health, Healthy Habits, Values, Ethics, Integrity, taking Work as Worship, Loyalty, Dedication, Commitment, Quality & Excellence Orientation; Spirit of Serving the Purpose of the Organization; Career Planning and Growth, Work & Life Balancing, Living Life following the principles of working with 100% dedication, wealth creation for self, others and organization in particular, being happy, healthy and at peace with oneself and giving one’s best at all times are our focus in transforming and initiating the students into their journey of work and life.

What is important is a curious, passionate and determined mind with the capacity and will to work hard to break out of the system.

The above subjects/topics would be encapsulated into modules with appropriate contents – brief, informative, fundamental, digestible, interesting, thought provoking, engaging, educative, useful and appropriate from the students’ and employers’ angles. Accordingly the trimester schedules will be communicated, before the classes begin.

Please note that SCMLD is a process driven student centric (making them stand out in the crowd) institute. It is unconventional and unique. It strives to make its students ‘work ready’ citizens, for launching them in executive careers or entrepreneurship from the knowledge, skill and corporate, industry, business perspectives. Then make them ready to work – from the attitude, values, ethics and integrity perspectives. Furthermore, SCMLD attempts to make them realise the innate value of ‘being human’- kind, compassionate and principle centred and to be healthy, happy, harmonious, wealthy and strong. Hence it is an initiative of holistic education and training. Life and work are interconnected. Quality of life is determined by the quality of WORK. Quality of work is an outcome of the quality of body, mind, intellect, ┬áhealth, knowledge, skills, aptitude, attitude, ownership, taking initiative and doing ones best as required and learning continuously for growing and getting better and better everyday, expanding and enhancing one’s work to more and more beneficiaries.

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