Transformational Leadership Programs

Short Duration Transformational –¬†Leadership Programs (for Organisations and Individuals interested in – Customised or Open):

Inner Engineering for Excellence, Fulfilment & Self Expansion:

An all-encompassing ‘paradigm shift’ facilitation program that offers solutions to seemingly complex life and work issues through simple, easy-to-digest approaches and practices. This process includes intellectual sessions and experiential learning that offer a profound understanding of the ingredients of fulfilment and excellence in work, life, and relationships.

The contents and processes explore ‘who am I?’, ‘who are we?’, ‘why are we here?’; success- and purpose-planning; work vs. employment vs. entrepreneurship; giving vs. taking; fact vs. truth; assumptions vs. reality; language vs. communication; body & mind – intellect – intelligence – spirit connection; seeing vs. feeling vs. thinking; habits vs. character vs. person vs. personality; pleasure vs. happiness vs. joyfulness and joyful working; changing oneself to change others; area of control and area beyond control; appreciation vs. criticism vs. critical decisions; service vs. serving for better organizational outcomes; followership to leadership.

Through the above, participants self-discover how these factors affect / effect quality of work, life and living. Career planning, stress management, customer relations, employee relations, essentials of personal and organizational alignment are also integrated in the process. In addition, mild physical exercises, meditation and relaxation techniques, and team activities help to re-engineer habits and behaviour patterns.

This process reprograms attitudes from ‘Me’ to ‘We’, from ‘Can’t Do’ to ‘Can Do’, from ‘Have to Do’ to ‘Want to Do’.

Inspirational Leadership for Performance Excellence:

This program is a journey towards a ‘Work is Worship’ paradigm. It equips participants to turn employment into the means for a fulfilling and meaningful life.

The process focuses on developing a positive, goal-oriented approach to work. Participants are inspired to rise above petty office politics, personal frustrations and conflicts, and learn to refocus their energies in the pursuit of excellence, joyfulness at work, and sincere and respectful interpersonal and organizational behaviour. Through exploring and envisioning the ‘purpose’ of what one is doing and its value in the end product / service to the customer / consumer, the program inculcates self-worth, gratitude, ownership, and responsibility towards work, and alignment with the goals of one’s company or organization.

HR Architecture for Building Soulful Organizations:

The success of organizations is typically measured in terms of ROI for its stakeholders. True organizational success, however, lies in individual excellence and team performance; ROI is a by-product of individual and team success. And excellence is the outcome of employees who put their brain, soul and heart into their work.

This program helps design, build and implement HR systems with comprehensive ‘Soulful Architecture’ where people feel at home and happy at the work place. The program is customized in alignment with the larger purpose of the organization and tailored to keep employees inspired, soulfully engaged and personally responsible for the success of the organization.

Soulful Performance Management System:

A program to design a performance appraisal system that goes beyond the quantitative and contractual approach that drives employees to perform out of pressure, for material inducements or for valuation-based recognition. Such systems are unable to tap into the extraordinary ‘value’ of the whole human being.

The Soulful Performance Management System is a customized approach that nurtures the human element. Through this process, we design a system that is transparent, appreciative of human creativity, taps individual genius, and promotes joyfulness, trust, camaraderie, connectedness and ownership at the workplace.

This perspective strives to convert workplaces into ‘life spaces’ and bring down turnover and recruitment costs, while enhancing individual and collective excellence and productivity.

Being an Impactful & Transformational Trainer:

A training program for trainers, this process focuses on organizations’ in-house trainers and educators, and how to design impactful learning sessions, activities and processes that develop trainees’ knowledge, skills, thinking and performance. It helps trainers to convert their educational efforts into inspiring and transformational developmental processes. Trainers learn the art of engaging participants as active partners in learning and not as mere passive listeners.

Living Happy & Working Great Every Day for Success Unlimited:

Most people expect others to offer conducive situations, time, incentives, motivating ingredients & environments, positive responses / strokes, recognition, respect, reward, support, equipment, technology, understanding and appreciating bosses, colleagues, great monetary remuneration, holidays, freedom, independence, internet, choiceful cafeteria, great ambience etc. to give their best to the organization. Even after all this, do people work 100% and deliver excellence that exceeds expectations?

Teachers expect students to be studious, obedient, attentive, absorbing, well behaved, respectful and so on. So do students, spouses, parents and others have towering expectations from others around them. ‘I am ok, but you are not ok and hence I am not able to give my best’, is the self-justifying escape route everywhere.

People expect the Prime Minister to work miracles and prevent road accidents, lower taxes, provide free electricity, clean streets, great transportation facilities, parks, gardens, prompt services, and make available vegetables, fruits and milk etc. at throwaway prices and so on. Then they expect the PM to ensure that there are no droughts, floods, garbage crises, epidemics, diseases etc. Customers expect discounts, business & industry expect great profits, Investors expect great monetary returns and everyone expect Indian teams to bring world cups in all sports and games from across the world! What about you?

Be what you want others to be, you can get what you want in life, including happiness, good health, and the pleasure of making every day a great day. How? This program might give some answers and help you re-engineer yourself towards a path of success and growth.

Faculty / Teacher Development Programs for schoolteachers, and college faculty.

It focuses on impactful learning facilitation to the new generation students. It is to enhance their effective capacities in learning facilitation and inculcation of leadership habits, citizenship values and the development of positive attitudes and life skills in students and trainees at all levels, besides imparting knowledge and other skills.

Customised ‘Work & Life Leadership’ Programs for workers and non-executive level employees for productivity, quality, health, healthy habits, harmonious life & work and so on.