The SCMLD Weekly Schedule



  • For aerobics & karate the timing will be from 6.30 am to 7.00 am. Yoga will be from 7.15 am to 8.00 am
  • Meditation, Relaxation and Premises & Sadak Cleaning will be by the Director, faculty, staff and students together in groups at allotted places.
  • Academic sessions include library reading / work, discussion etc. on the days on which more than four academic sessions are indicated.
  • Out bounds include visits and sessions outside and also movie viewing and other activities.
  • This timetable is to ensure that time is not wasted and healthy habits are picked up. Those who waste time cannot really be sincere and serious students. One’s focus must be on enhancing learning, guided by the principle that time wasted is life wasted. Self-development is a choice. No extraneous reasons can be attributed for not being successful. Luck favours those who dream and work hard with clear goal orientation and a time frame to achieve it. Life is a ‘do it yourself’ project.
  • Since yoga, meditation, afternoon (nap) relaxation, and two days a week out bounds are provided, free time after lunch on Sundays is enough for weekly rest. Also, with meditation and 30 minutes afternoon nap daily, 6 hours of sleep per night is sufficient for diligent students who willingly plan and implement the time utilization for their own good. This timetable makes one a professional. It inculcates leadership habits. All successful and effective people follow a strict ‘regimen’ themselves. They control their own destinies and nothing is left to circumstances. They create their own positive circumstances by performance, no matter what the external state of things is. They are clear as to what they want to achieve. They discipline themselves. They build credibility, authenticity and display professionalism and gain the trust of all stakeholders. Visibility, profitability and prosperity follow as natural consequences. Hence, this timetable is published in advance for informing applicants of the regimen they will have to follow at Sadhana. After joining, no grumbling, excuses, or accusations will be accepted.
  • The inputs sequences may be modified to facilitate group discussions, debates, talent displays, creativity sessions, open houses, and so on. However, time schedules will remain as they are. That is, inputs may vary but not the allocations of time. All these are to ‘engage’ students in learning with fun activities as well as serious intellectual inputs. Please note again that SCMLD’s ‘Holistic Work Leadership’ programme is a transformational one for WORK / ACTION – intelligent and rational action with dedication, devotion, discipline and a sense of purpose. Success presupposes courage, conviction, values, ethics, energy, drive and spiritual centredness- staying connected with one’s ‘INNER BEING’. This timetable has all the above planned well. All it needs for implementation is the will of our students.