3+1 days non-residential (3 days training followed by 1 day for assessment). Conducted by SCMLD, a constituent institute of Sadhana Educational & Empowerment Foundation.

Assessment & Certification by the Management & Entrepreneurship and Professional Skills Council (MEPSC), a Sector Skill Council (SSC), National Skill Development Corporation, Ministry of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship, GOI, under the Skill India Mission.

Date: 17th to 20th February 2018 (Saturday-Tuesday), Venue: 306, A-Wing, Shoppers Orbit, Alandi Road, Vishrantwadi, Pune-411015

Low-quality training and education make people paper qualified but not employable or skilful. Govt. of India and states are in a mission mode on skill development for employability and creating employment opportunities. National Skill Qualification Framework specifies the standards to be achieved in skills training and education. District level skill development action plans are in the offing. Employers are investing in up-skilling its employees to prevent obsolescence with the kind of changes happening in technology and processes. The shift in customer expectations and the choices available to them, the pressure to manage profit by productivity enhancement and quality calls for excellence in knowledge, skills, attitudes and its continual improvement. This needs dynamic and excellent training inputs and competent trainers.

Hence, school teachers, and faculty imparting higher, technical and professional education, functional managers in organisations responsible for quality and performance of their subordinates, and professional trainers – all need training to train and educate the folks for desired outcomes. India has job seekers in millions. However, the employables competent to deliver work as required constitute only a small percentage. Only 3% of the working-age population in India are formally (but poorly) trained and certified. Similarly, the productivity and attitudes of the already employed are other challenging concerns.

For economic growth and development, it is imperative that the country taps its human potential by making them capable, passionate and involved to deliver the highest quality work outcomes with the lowest cost. Knowledgeable, skilful, attitudinally positive, disciplined, devoted and engaged workforce only can make the difference. Thus, India needs passionate, inspiring and outcome-oriented quality trainers, educators and managers in thousands. The developed world is also looking for quality manpower from India – vocational, professional and technical.

Here is an opportunity to become a ‘Certified Trainer’ of quality and competence. Click here to see the sample certification. Workforce does not mean only the blue collar ones. Even PM is a worker. We all are workers. All of us need to be performing workers. Trainers need to make a difference in work by building competent and self-inspired workers. It is a challenge and a national requirement.

According to the latest information, 402.87 million Indian youth/citizens are to be skilled and certified in a decade or so to facilitate their horizontal and vertical mobility. NSDA (National Skill Development Agency), NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) and GOI are working to make the certificates awarded by various Skill Councils internationally recognised/aligned for mobility of skilled manpower not only across India but also the world. Hence, it is unlike certification by private bodies.

As per Govt. Gazette Notification of 27th December 2013, domestically every institution is supposed to define and align all its educational and training curriculum to the NSQF Levels 1-10 (standards) as relevant. Here comes the importance of ‘Certified Trainers’. Experience in working gets tremendous wisdom. But to train, coach, guide and mentor both freshers and the employed, need structured and scientific approaches to facilitate learning and development. This programme is designed to make such trainers/educators. There are opportunities to get upgraded as ‘Certified Master Trainer’ and ‘Certified Super Trainer’ as well, subject to relevant eligibility conditions.

Facilitator: Prof. M.S. Pillai, Founder Director, SCMLD and a certified Master Trainer. Formerly, Founder Director, SCMHRD (Symbiosis) and Acting Director, SIBM (Symbiosis), he is known for his unique and innovative learning facilitation processes, inculcation of values & ethics and spiritual uplift towards transformational education and training for creating self-inspired and passionate, healthy and happy performers. He pioneered many drills driven habit altering educational processes to develop wholesome human beings and high performers out of ordinary youth. Making the ordinary extraordinary has been his motto and approach. More than 10,000 of his students are going great as senior executives and entrepreneurs across the world. Apart from focussing on students as individuals and team members, he is known for breakthrough ecosystem creations to facilitate learning, and tapping the native intelligence of his students.

SCMLD has rolled out already four ‘Certified Trainer’ programs and one ‘Certified Master Trainer’ Program during May 2017 – January 2018. Thus, it has facilitated 53 professionals become Certified Trainers and 30 Certified Lead (Master) Trainers. Click here for the list of some of them.

Pioneer Batch of ‘Training of Trainers (TOT)’ 9th-14th May 2017

Second Batch of ‘ Training of Trainers (TOT)’ 4th-9th July 2017


Third Batch of ‘Training of Trainers (TOT)’ 14th-17th September 2017

Fourth Batch of ‘Training of Trainers (TOT)’ 26th-29th October 2017

First Batch of ‘Training of  Lead (Master) Trainers (TOMT)’ 10th-12th September 2017

 Next Training of Trainers (TOT) – ‘Certified Trainer’ Programme is scheduled during 17th – 20th February 2018. Interested may enrol now. Please apply before 10th February 2018. Every application will be vetted by MEPSC, Delhi and on its approval, only the enrolment would be confirmed.

Eligibility: Masters equivalent, OR Professionals, Executives, Faculty, Teachers, Trainers et.al with relevant qualifications in any domain/ function/ sector. However, the applicant should have delivered training sessions of at least 150 hrs. OR must have conducted one ‘Train the Trainer’ or equivalent programme of minimum 3 days. However, on the principle of ‘Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)’ irrespective of formal qualifications, MEPSC can relax the above eligibility conditions based on the professional profile and interest of the applicants, on a case to case basis.

Fee: Rs. 14,800/- inclusive of learning material, tea/coffee& lunch on all four days and assessment and certification. It is a non-residential programme. The fee needs to be remitted to SCMLD account on your candidature being confirmed by MEPSC.  

Advantage: As stated earlier skilling freshers (for employability building) and up-skilling existing employees for productivity enhancement, professional conduct & behaviour, and quality at par with global standards, is in a mission mode for a strong and prosperous India. It is indeed the need of the time. Education and training so far have been knowledge/information-centric, and of rote learning with no practical exposure, applied insights or dexterity. The thrust now is to make education and skilling people-centric, competency based and outcome oriented.

Hence, the above TOT is apt for freelance trainers, and functional executives of organizations to emerge as effective in-house trainers for employees to improve productivity and promote professional behaviour and conduct. Also apt for teachers/ faculty members to become effective, engaging and inspiring learning facilitators. It is also for those who seek employment in/change of position to Training/Learning & Development roles in organizations, and SCMLD can assist such participants to gain employment/change. Strategic L&D initiatives make learning organisations serve customers more effectively and enthusiastically through motivated & inspired employees of competence.

Contents: The above 3-day programme is on platform/generic skills for effective design and delivery of training to facilitate learning. It does not include any specific ‘domain skills’. 


If interested, please download and fill up the application form provided here (Click here) and email to msp.scmld.pune@gmail.com. That would then go to MEPSC for approval and on such approval only you need to pay the fee and confirm the admission.

For clarifications contact Prof. M.S. Pillai (9850077733)/ Mr. Glenn (8999522894) between 9.30 AM – 5.30 PM.

Apply before 10th February 2018.

Documents to be kept ready: Those who are keen to participate must keep a copy each of their Aadhaar Card, other testimonials, and one passport size latest colour photograph ready which are required to be submitted before the start of the program. This is to eliminate faking and to prevent fraud of any kind. They should carry the originals also for verification.

What is in it for you:

This certification is by a Govt. of India mandated Skill Council under the National Skill Development Corporation, Ministry of Skill Development. It is an NSQF level V certification. NSQF (National Skills Qualification Framework) is in alignment with world standards and NSDA (National Skill Development Agency) is working towards getting the NSQF levels equated with International Standards of the same levels. Once certified, the Trainers’ details will be on the NSDC’s portal (www.takshashila.nsdcindia.org) under ‘Find a Trainer’ for others to seek your services. It is unlike private certification. The fee charged is just to recover the cost. And SCMLD is an institution under a ‘Not for Profit’  Public Charitable Trust.

M.S. Pillai
Founder Director
Mob: +91-98500-77733